My Bucket List

 We are a non profit organization that fullfils Bucket List wishes for terminally ill adults in Minnesota.

My Bucket List

My Bucket List is proud to announce that The Gannett Company and Times Media have chosen My Bucket List as their 2015 non profit partner for Make A Difference Day! This is a HUGE honor for us. Usually the non profit chosen is a larger, more well known national name. However, we were told that the committee stumbled across us and loved our mission and message and how many people we have been able to help. The committee who chose us really liked the fact that we do no fundraising.

Our mission has always been to use whatever resources all of you have at your disposal to fulfill a bucket list request.

This October 24th, millions of volunteers across the nation will unite with a common mission – to improve the lives of others. In its 24th year, Make A Difference Day is a USA TODAY initiative, backed by the Gannett Company. In collaboration with Points of Light it is the largest national day of community service.
So this "List" goes out to all of you who are always asking how you can help.

After many meetings with our Board of Directors and the committee from Times Media, we have decided to create "Buckets of Comfort" on Make A Difference Day and distribute them out into the community.
Our Buckets of Comfort will be red buckets filled with items that will make patients more comfortable when they are in the hospital, hospice, at home, or other care facility, doing chemo or some other treatment.
In addition to making our Buckets, this will be a wonderful one day event to mingle with other members of the Bucket Brigade, our Board of Directors, past and future recipients of My Bucket List and families and friends of recipients and donors alike.

How can you help? 

We are looking for people who can donate any of the following. Our goal is 150 of each but we will use any and all that we can get. Please send all donations to:
St. Cloud Times
Buckets of Comfort
3000 7th St. North
St. Cloud, MN 56303
Before 4p.m. Friday October 9th, 2015.

  1. Trial sized hand lotion. Any brand. ( Helps with dry skin )
    2. Lip balm. Any brand. ( Helps with chapped lips )
    3. Bags of lemon drops. (hard candy for sore throats/ quenches thirst)
    4. Lap blankets. (new only please) These can be hand made or store bought. Sizes should be approximately 36" X 48" or 36" x 36". We have no preference in color or style. We hope to put a blanket in each bucket. They are wonderful for helping stay warm during chemo and the small size makes them easy to carry.

Please visit - to sign up to voluteer!  

A warm thank you to all of you who have helped us be what we are today. We simply could not do what we do without all of you.

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