My Bucket List

 We are a non profit organization that fullfils Bucket List wishes for terminally ill adults in Minnesota.

My Bucket List

My Bucket List is almost one year old! Rudy began this endeavor in August of 2013. Since then, we have collected over 400 people from all over the country in our Bucket Brigade. We have 1200 followers on Facebook helping us spread the word. We have made a difference in the lives of so many people...recipients and their families for sure... but also those people who have helped us fulfill a Bucket List wish this year. We hear so often how touched people are by our mission and how much they enjoy helping us with our lists. In reality, all of us who are a part of MBL see so much goodness and kindness through our Bucket Brigade, there is no denying that we are the lucky ones. Without all of you we could not make all of this happen. We appreciate it and we thank you! 

My Bucket List is a non profit organization located in Central Minnesota. Our mission is to use our network of resources and volunteers to fulfill bucket list wishes for terminally ill adults in Minnesota. What makes us different is that we do not fundraise in any way. We make use of individual talents and resources to fulfill wishes. Some people prefer to donate money and we always accept that with a big smile on our faces. However, what we really use are the people who know someone... who knows someone...who has a connection to someone... who can help us fulfill a wish.

Throughout our first year we have sent many people to concerts and plays during the Christmas season. We sent David and his family to a Twins game. We threw Jamie a party so she could say goodbye to friends and family. We sent Steve and his family to a water park and MOA so he could spend some quality time with his two sons. We fulfilled Keith's wish to fly in an airplane with the little boy he co-parents and provided him with a photographer for family pictures. We built a ramp for Katie so she could spend time in the backyard with her 11 siblings...we also sent the whole family to the water park for the weekend. We helped Bob get recognized for his years as a University of Minnesota football captain and introduced him to Uof M coach, Jerry Kill. We made it possible for Gregory to take the first vacation he has ever had in his life. We helped Tina receive a new reconditioned laptop so she can stay in touch with family living far away. We sent Jane to Vegas so she could renew her wedding vows and we sent brothers Tom and John on one last ice fishing weekend together. We were lucky enough to have local media take notice of our efforts and they helped us reach people all over the united States. 

We are currently working on our 17th Bucket List.  Martha is terminal and out of treatment options and has been given less than 6 months to live. Through the kindness and generosity of our amazing Bucket Brigade, Martha will spend her last few months enjoying some time at the beach in Maryland with her best friend. 

Unfortunately, in the last year, we have also lost a few of our Bucket List recipients. RIP Tom, Jamie and David and peace to your friends and families. Time has also been an enemy and has taken a few of our intended recipients before we could fulfill a wish for them. A BIG THANK YOU to anyone who has helped spread the word, "liked" us on Facebook, handed out our cards and donated their time, talents, contacts and or energy to My Bucket List. We can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!