My Bucket List

 We are a non profit organization that fullfils Bucket List wishes for terminally ill adults in Minnesota.

Board of Directors

Tom "Rudy" Ruether- Founder and President...You know Rudy's story. He was so touched by the simple requests on a bucket list and how easy it was to fulfill those wishes, that he felt very strongly that he needed to find a way to do this for others.

Kathy Austreng- Vice Chair...Kathy has been friends with Rudy and Holly Ruether for almost 30 years. Kathy is also battling stage 4 breast cancer. Her positive attitude, compassion for others and unique insight makes her a valuable board member and a big part of the My Bucket List family.  

Mark Traut- 2nd Vice Chair...Mark is owner of Mark J Traut wells and has been friends with Rudy and Holly for 30 + years. His experience with non-profits and foundations, his huge heart and never ending compassion and his extensive network of friends and business associates, make him invaluable to us as a board member.  

Tom Eickhoff- Treasurer...Tom is an owner and Executive Vice President of Plaza Park Bank as well as Rudy's brother-in-law and good friend. It was a discussion between Tom and Rudy about how much Michalene's story touched both of them the same way, that ultimately lead to the creation of My Bucket List. Tom's extensive background in finance will serve us well but it's his level head, kind heart and calm demeanor that will help us make My Bucket List a success.  

Holly Ruether-Secretary...Rudy's wife and all around My Bucket List support system. Holly does the day to day duties of running the organization so the board members can focus on what's important, fullfilling wishes.

Michalene Sullivan- Director..."Mikie's simple bucket list , even when faced with a terminal illness, was the inspiration for Rudy starting My Bucket List.  Mikie has terminal lung cancer.

Gerard Sullivan-Director...Mikie's husband of 30 years.