My Bucket List

 We are a non profit organization that fullfils Bucket List wishes for terminally ill adults in Minnesota.

Where do I send a donation?

It is our mission to use our network of resources and volunteers to fulfill the wishes on our recipients lists. We do not fund raise or solicit donations. However, we have learned that making a monetary donation is how some of you would like to contribute. So, we do accept donations with a smile and thank you for your generosity, compassion and kindness.

You may send donations to:

My Bucket List

PO Box 5

Rockville, MN 56369

If you have a particular recipient that you would like your donation to be given to,  please let us know when you send your donation in. Thank you.

We are a 501c organization and all donations made directly to My Bucket List of $250.00 or more are tax deductible.