My Bucket List

 We are a non profit organization that fullfils Bucket List wishes for terminally ill adults in Minnesota.

People are always asking us how they can help. Our Bucket Brigade is made up of a network of people who volunteer their time, talents and/or resources. We never really know what we will need until a list is presented to us. Once we get a list, we send it out to our Bucket Brigade...made up of over 400 people from all over the United States...and those people tell us if they see something on the list that they can help with. Some people choose to help through donating money. Others choose to offer their time and talents. Others help by putting us in touch with someone who can help. Some help just by spreading the word and letting people know about My Bucket List.

The best way for you to help is to become a member of our Bucket Brigade.

Often, our days are filled with media stories of sad and bad things happening to people. For those of us involved with My Bucket List, we are so fortunate to be witnessing first hand all of the goodness that is out there throughout Minnesota and beyond. We are overwhelmed with the support, kind words and kind actions that people have shown for our Bucket List recipients! Thank you for being a part of it.   

We are a 501c organization and all donations of $250.00 and over made directly to My Bucket List are tax deductible.